Discover How to Quilt in Just One Day with This Easy to Use Guide

**** This is a Proven Step by Step Method to Learning the Craft of Quilting - Detailed Images Included ****

Welcome to the amazing world of Quilting! When you begin to quilt, you’ll be joining a longstanding folk art tradition that has an important place in American handicrafts. The satisfaction of seeing your finished quilt spread out on your bead or draped over the back of your couch will make every hour of stitching worth it ten times over!! A well-made quilt can last for a life time, while serving to not only warm your bed at night, but to brighten up your home with colors, patterns, and beauty.

In this book, you will learn how to create striking and unique quilting pieces. Making quilts is easy, fun, and maybe even addicting. Even the smallest patchwork idea can quickly to become a big, full, colorful projects Start making your own quilts today, and open up a world of color, creativity, and personal expression that you may not have even knew existed.

Included in this book are 10 beautiful quilt projects, so you can kick-start the learning process! These projects include pictures and a detailed step by step method to assist beginner's in their quest to master the art!

Here is a preview of what you will learn…

  • The proper way to think through the quilting process, before starting a project
  • The materials and tools needed to complete a quilting project
  • How to combine colors and techniques to create beautiful patterns
  • Finishing techniques that will make you look like a pro
  • 10 original projects to practice all that is taught in this book

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